Wider Home Security Coverage and Home Automation System

DCOD i-Series offers the flexibility to upgrade the system from 9 zones to 16 zones by using zone expander module.

Unique Voice Feedback with Customized Vocabulary
With i-Series, there are no more confusing beeps, buzzes and multiple tones to remember. The innovative voice notification with customizable vocabulary will report on the status of each zone.

All-in-one for Control, Comfort and Safety
Turn interior and exterior lights on and off. Independantly arm or disarm individual security zones when you’re at home, all in a single touch. And because the system’s status is always reported through a voice notification, you are always aware of your home’s level of protection and the arrangement of your home appliances.

User-friendly Interface

  • One-touch System


Scalable and Customizable

  • Protection Upgrade
  • Full Automation Control
  • Telephony backup with GSM
  • Stylish and Distinctive Keypad


Industry Proven & Reliable

  • Quality Assurance