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Pick Various Themed Cards This Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The season of love is here! February means it’s time to juggle with emotions; either you put a lid to your heart or unveil it. If you are thinking of going the retro way, pay an ode to her, sing a song, scribble some nice words in paper and more – definitely it’s time to prove yourself as a unique lover madden mobile cheats! If you are done with the colorful red bouquet of roses, chocolates and delicious cakes, then re-invent love with cards of various themes. When you are presenting a token of love to your partner, it is your thoughts that matter. A love card might not be sprayed with the red color of love or exhibit cluster of roses, heart signs and the likes- the challenge is how you make him/her smile on this very special day. The themed cards are doing the rounds and are gracing the online galleries of e-gift shops.

Floral motifs dominating the scene

Even if you are not picking up red roses on Valentine’s Day, you can still go the floral way by picking cards that reflect a heart weaved in the form of a wreathe. When a number of colorful flowers are used in a design, then the vibrancy quotient raises notches higher. You can also go for intricate flowery patterns on a card, offering an ornamental touch to it. Go for subtle hues, clean floral lines if you are a fan of minimalism.

Cartoon themed ones

Is your boyfriend a gadget geek or remains glued to the television watching cartoon? Even if he is not a teenager, guys have a thing for cartoon characters. From Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse to Angry-birds, these graphics are ruling the chart. Present a caricature of your partner or the closest cartoon character that he resembles to jazz up things on this special occasion dead trigger 2 hack.

Being quirky is fun

The token of love exhibiting historical figures capped with a terse message is the ‘it’ thing in the love circuit. With messages armed with puns, the quotations and images tickle the funny bone of this generation who are in love with wry, sardonic humor. Being quirky, thinking out of the box and expressing your love message to your partner on Valentine Day as per your heart’s wish makes your relationship healthier.

Animal motifs are also in

If you wife is a dog lover or your girlfriend is fond of cats, why not find a gifting shop hoarding such amazing cards? From images of pugs to Chihuahua, redefine the cuteness of our canine friends while speaking out your heart. No matter which animal from the animal kingdom drives your partner crazy, you can customize love cards from a top e-shop.

Why go online?

Since we are caught up with our professional life and daily life, finding time to visit a physical shop might not be possible always. Here is the gift that online stores offer to its customers. Whether it’s leafing through a number of options, enjoying discounts, speedy delivery and easy payment options, customers are pampered to the core. So in this month of love, do what your heart wants in a pocket-friendly and smart way dead trigger 2 hack

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